When it comes to houses, bigger isn’t alwayTiny House 2s better. Tiny houses are the newest trend in the housing market, especially for those boomers looking to downsize. Averaging from 100 to 400 square feet, they offer many of the same amenities of a larger home – a sleeping area (usually a loft), kitchen, bathroom, and storage but in a significantly reduced space. Benefits of a tiny house include little to no mortgage, lower bills, and reduced maintenance.

Because they are not installed, they are likened to recreational vehicles and can be transported with a trailer to campsites or used as an in-law apartment or as a home office , parked conveniently in your yard.

Tiny homes are also environmentally conscious.   They can be off-grid, self-sustaining homes. Some come with solar energy panels, composting toilets and are configured to capture, filter and store rainwater.

“What tiny houses really do is change the game in terms of your finances, your life, your time and the opportunities you have,” says Ryan Mitchell, “The Tiny Life” founder/blogger. “It focuses on the life you lead outside the house.”

To read more about this trend, click here.

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