Baked And Broiled Fish May Lower Heart Risks

Many people know that fish is part of a healthy diet as it is full of valuable nutrients and protein. Experts have advised their patients to consume a large amount of fish to reduce heart problem risks. The way fish is cooked is a very important key to heart health. A study involving 85,000 post-menopausal women showed that women who consume five or more servings of baked or broiled fish a week for ten years lowered their chances of developing heart disease by 30%. However, eating one serving of fried fish has opposite effects, raising heart problem risks by 48%. Dark fish has also been found to decrease the chances of developing heart disease due to the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Gregg Fonarow, M.D., and co-director of the preventative cardiology program at UCLA said, “in light of this new study, greater emphasis on encouraging baked [or] broiled fish and dark fish — salmon, mackerel, and bluefish — should be considered.” More here

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