Osteopathic Manipulation May Ease Lower Back Pain

Dr. John Licciardone, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, conducted a study to evaluate the benefits of osteopathic manipulation for individuals suffering from chronic lower back pain. The study consisted of 455 individuals all having complaints of the condition. Dr. Licciardone tested the effectiveness of osteopathic manipulation and ultrasound therapy, which is a generic soft-tissue therapy used by physical therapists. 50% of the patients who received osteopathic manipulation experienced a significant improvement after an eight-week treatment period while only 35% of the ultrasound therapy patients reported significant improvement. “We saw the biggest reduction in pain in the people who had more severe pain to begin with, and those are the people who are going to be more likely looking for the more costly and more invasive treatments,” Dr. Licciardone stated. Regular exercise is also an excellent way to relieve lower back pain. More here

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