Daily Aspirin May Prevent Recurrence of Blood Clots

Widely used to help prevent heart attacks and strokes, aspirin may also be an effective treatment for repeat blood clots. Venous Thromboembolism, or VTE, are blood clots that often occur in the legs and, if they travel to the lungs, can be fatal. According to recent research, however, a low dose of daily aspirin can reduce the risk of the recurrence of VTE. Cecilia Becattini, MD, assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Perugia in Italy, said VTE occurs in nearly 800,000 people in North America each year and taking aspirin, after six to 12 months of anti-clotting drug treatment, can reduce the risk of a repeat clot by 40 percent. The study gave 100 milligrams of aspirin each day to 205 patients who had VTE and a placebo to an additional 197 patients. All the patients had completed 6-12 months of anticoagulant therapy. Patients taking the placebo had almost twice the amount of repeat clots than those taking aspirin. More here.

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