Baby Boomers Unprepared For Caregiving Role

A recent survey of 600 adults between the ages of 45 and 65 found that, though a majority of baby boomers expect to become caregivers for their aging parents, few are properly prepared. The survey found that 31 percent of respondents didn’t know how many medications their parents were taking and only half could name a single drug their parents were prescribed. When asked about their parents’ finances, 36 percent didn’t know where their parents kept their financial information and 34 percent didn’t know whether or not their parents had a safe deposit box or where the key is located. Mimi Mahon, an associate professor at George Mason University in Virginia, told USA Today that a lack of planning can lead to serious complications when decisions need to be made quickly. Advance planning can prevent families from acting out of fear and making mistakes when emergencies arise, Mahon said. More here.

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