The Mental Health Benefits Of Walking

According to an ongoing 20-year study of brain volume, walking may slow decline in adults with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease, in addition to reducing the risk of mental decline in healthy adults. Researchers followed 426 people, including 299 healthy adults and 127 cognitively impaired adults, and monitored the distance they walk each week and their brain volume. The more participants walked, the greater their brain volume, especially in memory and learning areas of the brain. Lead study author, Cyrus Raji, Ph.D., said brain volume is a vital sign and, when it decreases, that means brain cells are dying. Walking can improve your brain’s resistance to disease and reduce memory loss over time, according to the study. Cognitively impaired adults needed to walk at least five miles per week to slow decline, while healthy adults needed six miles per week to maintain volume and reduce their risk of future cognitive impairment. More here.

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