A Good Night’s Rest Is Harder To Find For Adults Over 50

Getting a good night’s sleep is an increasingly difficult task for Americans in general, and worse for older adults. The average night’s sleep dropped from more than eight hours to six and a half hours between 1960 and 2010. And, according to a survey of adults over the age of 50 from the Gallup Organization, only a third of older Americans get a full night’s rest every night, and one fifth sleep fewer than six hours a night. Sleep patterns change naturally with age, making it more difficult to fall asleep initially and get deep, restorative, uninterrupted rest throughout the night. Poor sleep is also linked with less exercise, more time indoors, and less attention to diet, all of which are habits that can accompany aging. Health issues and medication can also disrupt sleep patterns. Experts recommend setting a sleep schedule, limiting naps to 20 or 30 minutes, and avoiding alcohol or big meals before going to bed to help get a better night’s rest. More tips here.

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