“Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First – Then Assist the Others”

This common airline safety message is actually a great reminder for those who are providing care for a loved one. To best take care of others, we must first take care of ourselves.

If you are the adult child of a parent needing care or the spouse providing care, this is an important note from Courtney Long, MSW,LC, CHt of Caring for Your Spirit. What a great reminder to find “you” time in each day. Caregiving can be all-consuming and just finding those moments of refuge can help you better manage the stress. See Courtney’s notes below on “self-care.”  

I encourage you to reach out to Courtney if you are experiencing caregiving stress and need her support.

Self-Care Challenge

When’s the last time you created a moment for your own Tender Loving Self-Care? I was recently blessed to attend a 5-day self-care retreat with the legendary Louise L. Hay and Cheryl Richardson. I have so many beautiful lessons to share!

The most important lesson I learned? We do not need a 5-day retreat in order to bring “self-care” into our lives! Although…I highly recommend a retreat or vacation if you can make it happen!

We need moments of self-care and solitude on a daily basis. Even if it’s only 10-20 minutes! How do you know if you’re not getting enough self-care? If you feel exhausted, cranky, sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, depleted, hopeless, etc….you may need to boost your self-care.

What self-care activity has your soul been aching for? Reading your favorite book? Watching a sunrise or sunset? Walking barefoot through the grass? Five minutes to just BE? Even short moments of peace add up.

Are you willing to create a moment for yourself–starting today? And tomorrow, and the next day? If so, I want to hear about it! Post what you did for self-care on one of our FB pages:


Enjoy that Tender Loving Self-Care…. Courtney

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