Caregiver Challenge: The Realities of Alzheimer’s

I found this video and felt I should share it with you.

Caregiving has many challenges and I personally feel that no one can judge the choices of caregivers forced into choices that none of us ever want to face. I challenge you to watch this video and consider how you would handle the situation.

What bothers you the most? What would you do differently? Do you agree with the choices? How do you see your family/friends handling the situation if it were you?

Long term care is what sometimes happens when life throws us a curve ball…


Jan’s Story: A Love Lost to Alzheimer’s

Jan Chorlton was a promising television reporter working with CNN, ABC, and even “CBS Sunday Morning.”  She was lively, daring, one of those people who celebrated life. But at only 40 years old, the subtle changes of lapses in memory began. Barry Petersen reports.

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