The Kids Live in the “Big City”

It used to be that families and all their generations lived together. Much of this was economically driven. Either you lived on a farm and it took everyone doing their part to get all the jobs done or maybe you lived in a city and housing was quite expensive.

As time has passed, we tend to move further and further away from our place of birth. Often this means that children are no longer living close to Mom and/or Dad when the parents begin to age. Most people I talk to want to age in place; they want to live in their same home as long as possible. I can’t say that I blame them. Spend a number of nights away from home and what do you crave?? Your own bed, pillows, your pets, the ability to make a simple snack…..and many more of the things that make home, home.

But this has changed how families care for each other. Many do not have the luxury of independent wealth and being able to leave their job as situations occur with their parents nor do they have the option of moving Mom and Dad to where they live. How do you manage caregiving from a distance? The simple answer – geriatric care managers. Most people don’t even know they exist. They are a little like “secret forces agents” in that they quietly go about their work and blend in with the rest of the world.

A few professionals in the aging field know the value of a geriatric care manager – but most adult children trying to navigate caring for their parents only dream of such a thing.

To learn more about geriatric care management and find one in your area, go to

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