I own a long term care insurance agency and every day I meet with people to discuss the need for long term care planning and financial products. I get to hear their stories. This blog is about their stories of being a caregiver. The loved one varies – maybe it’s a parent, a grandparent, a spouse or partner,  an aunt or an uncle…..but the ending is always the same. They are inquiring about buying long term care insurance to protect those they love. They don’t want to put someone else through what they just went through providing that care.

Their stories range from happy to sad, frustrated to enlightened, exhausting to laughable, but they all demonstrate our innate ability to care for our “family” – whether biological or chosen. My goal is to share these stories and to honor the sacrifices that caregivers make for those they love. I also want people who have not had this experience to understand the effect that caregiving can have on a person or family. I will also be sharing resources to help those that are faced with caring for someone they love.

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